Located in northeast Iowa. Established in 1873 

Summer Employment

The City of Oelwein is seeking applications for summer positions including lifeguards, front desk and concessions at the Oelwein Family Aquatics Center, referees and umpires for youth leagues, diamond maintenance and general parks and cemetery laborers.  

Single Hauler Program Begins in April

The Single Hauler Garbage and Recycling Collection program will become effective April 1, 2018.  Residential properties will be billed $12.55 per month on their utility bill for weekly garbage and bi-weekly recycling pickup beginning with the April bill.  In preparation of this change, residents are asked to place their order for containers with Black Hawk Waste.  You can contact them at 319-232-4150.  



Urban Revitalization Plan

Certain real estate with the City limits of Oelwein is eligible to receive a partial exemption from taxation on the actual value added by new construction or improvements.  Check here for more information.

Single Hauler Program Questions and Answers

Q- What is the Single Hauler Program?

A- The city is working on contracting one trash hauler for all residential properties in Oelwein. This includes anything up to a three plex that is not attached to a commercial business.

Q- When will this program take effect?

A- Black hawk Waste Disposal Inc. will begin distributing cans in March of 2018 with pickup beginning April of 2018.

Q- When will I receive my first bill for trash pickup?

A- All charges for the single hauler program will be on your April Utility Bill.

Q- How will I pay my garbage bill?

A- All trash hauling bills will be ran through the city’s utility bill just like water, sewer, landfill, and recycling.

Q- What is the monthly cost?


  April 2018-2019 April 2019-2020 April 2020-2021 April 2021-2022 April 2022-2023
SH $11.30 11.30 11.30 11.46 11.63
Admin $1.25 $1.25 $1.25 $1.25 $1.25
Total $12.55 $12.55 $12.55 $12.73 $12.92

Q- What does the monthly cost cover?

A- The monthly cost covers trash pickup every week and recycling every other week.

Q- What size containers are offered?

A- Residents can choose from a 33 gallon to a 96 gallon tote for both recycling and trash.

Q- How do I let the city know what size container I want?

A- The city will begin taking container requests in December and leave the period open until the end of January 2018. People can request trash or recycling sizes. If a requests is not made, the resident will receive a 96 gallon container for trash and recycling as it is the default size for residents.

Q- What if I miss the request time slot for a container?

A- Residents will have to wait until March of 2019 to switch out their container. Residents can switch out containers during March of each year with a request to Black hawk Waste Disposal Inc.

Q- Why is the cost the same for the containers?

A- Each container is the same price. Residents are paying for the stop, not the amount of garbage collected. The county sets the trash rates at the transfer station. Residents pay for their disposal of trash through the landfill charge that is calculated by the county’s tipping fees.

Q- Will I get to own my trash container after the five year program?

A- No, after the five year contract, the city will evaluate the program and determine if they want to continue to work with Black hawk Waste Disposal Inc. If the contract ends, Black hawk Waste Disposal Inc. will retain ownership of the cans as similar to industry standard for waste haulers. 

Q- Do I have to have a recycling container?

A- Every customer will receive a recycling container.

Q- How often is recycling picked up?

A- Every other week.

Q- Will the county remove the blue recycling bins located across Oelwein?

A- As of now, the county has no plans to remove the recycling containers.

Q- What happens if Black Hawk Waste Disposal Inc. breaks my container?

A- If Black hawk Waste Disposal Inc. breaks your container, they will replace the container. If a resident breaks a container, the will be charged a $60 fee to replace the container. All container disputes will be handled by Black hawk Waste Disposal Inc.

Q- Sometimes I have an extra bag of trash that does not fit in my container, how much does that cost?

A- An extra bag fee sticker can be picked up at city hall for $2.00.

Q- How do I get Black hawk Waste Disposal Inc. to pick up a bulk item for my residence?

A- Bulk item stickers are available at city hall for $15.00 each. The price is based off of the landfills bulk item charges.

Q- I have never had trash service at my house, how can I not participate in this program.

A- This program is not optional for residential properties.

Q- How will I know my pickup day?

A- Black Hawk Waste Disposal Inc. will announce the routes through the local paper, social media, and the city.

Q- What happens if I have a problem with my trash pickup?

A- All trash issues will be reported to Black Hawk Waste Disposal Inc. first. Their contact number will be on each container and available on their website. Any dispute not addressed in a timely manner as stated in the single hauler contract will be addressed by the city. If Black Hawk Waste Disposal Inc. fails to address issue with residents, fines can be assessed to the hauler.

Q- I winter out of state, will I get charged for the single hauler program?

A- Yes, anyone receiving a utility bill will get charged for the single hauler program. Anyone who winters away from Oelwein is encouraged to have their city utilities shutoff. Shutting off utilities for two months or more cost less than leaving utilities on.

Q- Will the City include a senior citizen discount?

A- No, the city cannot set rates based on age.

Q- Will my pickup day change?

A- Once Black Hawk Waste Disposal decides on their routes, they will inform the public. Changes of route days could change.

Q- Will they provide elderly or disabled pickup?

A- Yes

Water Supply and Treatment Project

A Reaffirmation of the Categorical Exclusion has been issued for the City of Oelwein drinking water supply and treatment upgrades project.  Attached is more information.

History of Oelwein

The town of Oelwein was laid out in a corn field purchased from G.A. Oelwein on the coming of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railroad (later called the Rock Island) in 1872. Some years later... Read More

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