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"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right
and a desire to know." ~  Pres. John Adams 
Congratulations to Peggy Sherrets,
the newly elected Oelwein Mayor

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fire 1

Open Burning

Saturday, Sept 29th, 2014

through Saturday, Nov 8th, 2014

 - Only burn vegetation that grows on your property

(No furniture, clothing, finished wood, lumber,

building material is allowed to be burned)

- Burning allowed between 8AM and 9PM

- Fire shall be constantly attended by responsible person

- Garden hose connected to water supply

must be readily available

Click here for more information.



Visit the Oelwein Police Department's website

for a new, easy way to report 

property nuisance violations in Oelwein.

Click on the red tab along the left side of the screen

on their website called

"Report Property Nuisance Violation"

and fill out the form.

Citizens may still call the Oelwein Police Department

at 319-283-4311 to report violations.




103’ X 170’

Located in the 900 block of 5th Street SE.

Water & Sewer in Street.  Paved Street, Curb & Gutter.

The City of Oelwein is accepting offers (minimum

$15,000) on Lot 2, Vine Addition to Oelwein.

Offers should be submitted to:

Oelwein City Clerk, 20 Second Avenue SW, Oelwein, IA 50662.

The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Turn them in to the Oelwein City Hall, 20 2nd Ave SW, when completed.

The City of Oelwein publishes agendas and minutes of every city council meeting which are generally open to the public (unless under state law - a closed session is authorized) every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. To have an item placed on the agenda please contact Oelwein City Hall at 319-283-5440.  We also encourage you to discuss any issues related to city business with the department head or the appropriate City Official for your issue or concern.


103’ X 170’

Located in the 900 block of 5th Street SE.

Water & Sewer in Street.Paved Street, Curb & Gutter.

The City of Oelwein is accepting offers (minimum

$15,000) on Lot 2, Vine Addition to Oelwein.

Offers should be submitted to

Oelwein City Clerk

20 Second Avenue SW

Oelwein Iowa 50662.

The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids.




Weather Conditions - National Weather Service Forecast for Oelwein





Back-To-School Safety Tips

Courtesy of the National Safety Council

Whether children walk, ride their bicycle or take the bus to school, it is extremely important that they take proper safety precautions. Here are some tips to make sure your child safely travels to school.


Walking to school

Review your family’s walking safety rules.

Walk on the sidewalk, if one is available.

When on a street with no sidewalk, walk facing the traffic.

Before you cross the street, stop and look all ways to see if cars are coming.

Never dart out in front of a parked car.

Practice walking to school with your child.


Riding a bicycle to school

Make sure your child always wears his helmet when leaving the house.

Teach your children the rules of the road they need to know to ride their bicycles.

Ride on the right side ofthe road and in a single file.

Come to a complete stop before crossing the street.


Riding the bus to school

Go to the bus stop with your child to teach them the proper way to get on and off the bus.

Make sure your children stand six feet away from the curb.

If your child and you need to cross the street in front of the bus, walk on the side of the road until you are at least 12 feet ahead of the bus.

You always should be able to see the bus driver, and the bus driver always should be able to see you.


Preventing backpack-related injuries

Choose a backpack for your child carefully. It should have ergonomically designed features to enhance safety and comfort.

Don’t overstuff a backpack; it should weigh no more than 10 to 20 percent of your child’s body weight.

For example, a child that weighs 60 pounds should carry a backpack no heavier than 12 pounds.

Ask your children to use both straps when wearing their backpack to evenly distribute the weight.





More Back-To-School Safety Tips

Courtesy of the American Academy of Pediatrics



Remind your child that there are probably a lot of students who are uneasy about the first day of school. This may be at any age. Teachers know that students are nervous and will make an extra effort to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible.


Point out the positive aspects of starting school.  She'll see old friends and meet new ones. Refresh her positive memories about previous years, when she may have returned home after the first day with high spirits because she had a good time.


Find another child in the neighborhood with whom your student can walk to school or ride on the bus.


If it is a new school for your child, attend any available orientations and take an opportunity to tour the school before the first day.


If you feel it is needed, drive your child (or walk with her) to school and pick her up on the first day.




Most schools regularly send schedules of cafeteria menus home and/or have them posted on the school's website. With this advance information, you can plan on packing lunch on the days when the main course is one your child prefers not to eat.


Look into what is offered in school vending machines. Vending machines should stock healthy choices such as fresh fruit, low-fat dairy products, water and 100 percent fruit juice.  Learn about your child's school wellness policy and get involved in school groups to put it into effect.


Each 12-ounce soft drink contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories. Drinking just one can of soda a day increases a child's risk of obesity by 60%. Choose healthier options to send in your child's lunch.




During early and middle childhood, youngsters need supervision. A responsible adult should be available to get them ready and off to school in the morning and supervise them after school until you return home from work.


If a family member will care for your child, communicate the need to follow consistent rules set by the parent regarding discipline and homework.


Children approaching adolescence (11- and 12-year-olds) should not come home to an empty house in the afternoon unless they show unusual maturity for their age.


If alternate adult supervision is not available, parents should make special efforts to supervise their children from a distance. Children should have a set time when they are expected to arrive at home and should check in with a neighbor or with a parent by telephone.






The City of Oelwein and the Oelwein Police Department reminds citizens to do their part on the streets of Oelwein. Barricades and warning lights reminds drivers to slow down, obey traffic signs or lights.  Construction zones are needs to address traffic issues or repair city utilities.  Your cooperation and safety awareness is greatly appreciated.

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RAGBRAI 2014 a Success in Oelwein





City of Oelwein Held The Annual Safety Awards Ceremony on July 16, 2014

The city of Oelwein takes safety seriously. Each year they hold a Safety Awards Ceremony to not only reward employees but to promote work safety. The annual Safety Awards Ceremony (for fiscal year 2013-2014) was held on July 16th, 2014 at the Grand Theatre of Oelwein and the Oelwein Community Plaza. The city employees that were in attendance were presented with certificates showing how many continuous hours they worked without an injury. All of the city departments and city employees in attendance were presented with certificates from Oelwein City Council members Paul Ryan and Renee Cantrell and Administrator Jamie Letzring.

















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